We’re making it better for people on the move

New commercial life is sprouting in Copnor Road

VERITY LUSH: Green shoots of recovery sprouting in northern Portsmouth

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Thousands of people read our stories each day at portsmouth.co.uk. They do so from home, at the office, in public libraries and, in many cases, while on the move.

And to offer a better service to those who want to check the latest by means of mobile phone, our website will soon have a mobile version, specifically designed to cater for smartphones’ screen sizes and device functionality.

The mobile site will feature dropdown menus for news, sport, lifestyle and community and include the vast majority of articles, with the facility to comment.

Multiple images can be displayed and for the first time the videos we create and publish will be available to view on mobiles.

In addition, the Find It commercial services directory is directly embedded, and there are links to online jobs and online deals.

Users accessing the sites from iPhone and Android devices will be automatically directed to the mobile version once the sites are live, or they can go directly to them by replacing the ‘www’ in the website URL with ‘m’.

Out of interest, it’s expected that by 2013, mobile access to the internet will exceed that from PCs.