We’re sorry that book series has hit problems

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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I know that, like me, many readers have been collecting the World War II book series we have been running.

The books are an excellently-produced record of that terrible conflict and I am sorry that our supply of them has unexpectedly come to an abrupt and premature end.

They were supplied by the publisher Paperview UK Ltd and each week’s book was delivered to us a few days before it was dispatched to retailers and customers.

When book 17 in the series did not arrive it was assumed that there had simply been a delay in transit.

As the days went by and we were unable to contact the publishers it became clear that something was wrong.

We have subsequently found that the publisher Paperview has ceased to operate.

Over the past few days we have attempted to source supplies of the rest of the series from other printers but so far this has not proved possible.

We will continue to try to find a way to continue the series but I am afraid that this is looking increasingly unlikely.

We are sorry that because of circumstances beyond our control we are unable to provide further books.

I know this will disappoint readers who have been collecting the series and we apologise to them for this unforseen problem.