We’re voting for our future, not who’s got the best tie

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It’s election fever time, so sit down, strap in and prepare to be bewildered, befuddled and sometimes bored.

Oh yes, and the constant reckoning of the winner and the loser, as if the end-all was that every second is a competition rather than the important part: the policies.

I watched the Sky/Channel 4 ‘debate’. Note the use of the speech marks there. It was a wrangling from Jeremy Paxman for David Cameron and Ed Milliband in front of a live, primed-to-haggle audience.

But that audience was haggle-less. Although they were asked if they had the answer they wanted – they appeared like deer in the headlights – worried about standing up for an answer, any answer.

What I found interesting was the manner in which both leaders relaxed in front of the audience’s questions. Yes, they expected to get a hard time from Paxman, but it seemed they did not expect the audience to answer back. Is that their general opinion of the public I wonder?

And boy can they waffle – loving the sound of their own voices. I find that quite difficult – after all – if they believe in what they are saying why do they try to hide their truth so much?

I expect the next six weeks will be a re-hash of longwinded evasiveness topped by media pundits’ winners and losers, then more crowing about opinion polls. That I find difficult, when the substance of what is being said is lost to statistics.

We hear repeatedly that the public is bored by it all. But ask yourself if it is the politics or the way in which they are presented, diluted and spat out as bizarre moments for us to digest? That’s how the majority are supposed to decide on the future of our country?

Because that’s what we are voting for, the future of our country, not for the man who gets the most claps or who appears more confident, or who wears the better tie.

We are voting for principles, the society we want to live in and how we want that society to exist. Seek the answers about who you will vote for. Don’t sit waiting for them to be delivered into your lap. The only thing worse than a pontificating politician is an otiose voter, serving no useful purpose other than to prove the masses don’t care.