We should all have a vote in the American elections

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I find American politics quite fascinating, particularly the last-minute campaign dash across the country where the politicians talk up the troops and attend rallies with many thousands of their adoring fans in attendance.

Surely there’s something about preaching to the converted in that, isn’t there?

But it’s now over as today the world will find out who has won the presidential elections in the US of A – depending on how quickly they can count the ballot papers, that is.

As I have to file this column in advance, I don’t know the result. But I do know who I want to win.

And I think that I’m one of a massive majority – outside the US that is. I haven’t heard one person say that they hope Mitt Romney makes it to the White House, although one Australian guiltily admitted how surprised he was to be stirred by one of Romney’s speeches.

But really, who would vote for a man who so obviously blackens his hair with shoe polish? Surely he can afford, with his reputed millions, to get a decent colourist in to sort out those black bat wings and take the orange tinge off what looks suspiciously like fake tan?

If you can’t get your own appearance right, how are you going to manage to run a country?

If it was up to the rest of the world to decide who ruled America, Obama wouldn’t have had to campaign. He could have sat with his feet up and enjoyed the tide of goodwill coming his way.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the world had a vote in the US elections – because, let’s be honest, we all have a huge stake in the outcome.

But unfortunately American politics are left to the Americans. Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said that the greatest argument against democracy was spending five minutes in conversation with the average voter?

Some Americans frighten me when they’re interviewed. They don’t seem to realise they’re voting not only on backyard issues, they’re also determining the politics of the world.

Do they not realise the power that their vote has over all the rest of us on the planet? Let’s hope they’ve made the right choice.