We should all remember where we came from

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We have all watched people from our own childhood neighbourhoods go on and carve successful careers for themselves.

Some, through dedication and years of hard work, will have made their fortune – or perhaps a fortune.

Many, having set themselves up for the rest of their lives, turn their backs on their upbringing and never give a second thought to the streets in which they were raised or the people who helped shape them.

Some might turn their thoughts to doing something for charity with all their cash, but more often than not it will be one of the internationally-recognised organisations with a high profile. Something which will give them kudos.

Not so Jo White.

From humble beginnings in Boldre Close, off Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, she has risen to become an entrepreneur running a multi-national business.

Good for her.

But even better, and as we are happy to report on page 11 today, the 50-year-old has generously decided to put something back into the hard-pressed community in which she is rooted.

She has set up a charity called Big World Impact and it is at Leigh Park, West Leigh and Warren Park that she is hoping to make that impact.

For she is ploughing £100,000 of her own money into a long-term project to help the young people of the estate.

She has the police and Havant Borough Council on board as well as Julian Wadsworth, the man who was made an MBE for his work with the nationally-admired Respect programme in Portsmouth.

Jo says: ‘I wanted to do my first UK charitable activity where I was born, in Leigh Park.

‘I wanted to give something back to this community where it all started.’

The key phrase in all of this is ‘long-term’.

Young people on the estate desperately looking for a sense of purpose will have seen various schemes come and go. Jo White knows that and her commitment to their future is to be applauded.