We shouldn’t pander to pond life

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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Why do we keep pandering to our city’s binge-drinking lamebrain yoof?

I read last Saturday’s News article ‘New home for clinic to treat revellers in city’ with utter disbelief.

I muttered: ‘Oooh goodie, binge-drinking lamebrain yoofs can fall sozzled in the gutter, or smash each other’s faces in, and we’ll have a clinic for them on site’.

Apparently, the reasoning behind having a treatment centre in Guildhall Walk is to take the pressure off the overstretched A&E department at the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

But instead of mollycoddling drunken pondlife, the authorities need to get tough on them.

Our council is looking to rebrand Portsmouth as a world class City of Culture.

With the cesspit reputation Guildhall Walk has, we’ve got no chance.