We took over the pub for Steve’s big birthday bash

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Kanye West
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If you haven’t ever listened to the Damian Lodrick Band, then you’ve missed out on a treat – they’re awesome!

I’m not just saying that because I had quite a few glasses of Prosecco that night.

Last Saturday we went to The Crown Inn in Emsworth for my brother-in-law Steve’s 40th birthday celebrations.

There were loads of us and, as usual, we took over the venue – drinking, dancing and generally having a very good time.

The Damian Lodrick Band played a great mix of original songs and cover tunes, as well as getting the whole pub to sing Happy Birthday to Steve.

It really was an excellent night and I filmed the whole thing for this week’s vlog.

So if you want to see how my family party, check out the video that goes with this column online at portsmouth.co.uk/opinion.

Can you please just excuse the fact that at one point I’m drinking Prosecco straight out of the bottle whilst I’m dancing on one of the chairs

Or you can go to the home page and click on the words next to my face.

If you do watch it, can you please just excuse the fact that at one point I’m drinking Prosecco straight out of the bottle whilst I’m dancing on one of the chairs.

Classy lady, that’s me.

It was also an extra special night because two of our best friends told us they had just got engaged.

I was super thrilled and have offered to be their bridesmaid, ordain their wedding (you can get the relevant qualifications on the internet, you know), be their wedding planner and basically make it a fabulous day for them.

Ha, ha. I can’t reveal our friends’ names as they haven’t yet told everyone and I don’t want to speak out of turn.

As Dot Cotton says in EastEnders, ‘I’m not one to gossip’.

But I can’t wait – after my own, I need a new wedding to plan!

Brother-in-law Steve had already gone to Butlins on a lads’ weekend for his big birthday, so the night at the Crown was just an extra family do.

But it really was one of those evenings where you can look back and genuinely say it was ‘epic’.

So please watch the video and remember, don’t judge me...


Oh dear, there’s been a row among the Kardashian clan. Stop the press!

Word is there’s a rather dark cloud over their household as Kanye West and younger Kardashian sister Kylie are at loggerheads in a row about…trainers.

Yep, this is serious news guys and it’s made the press all over the world so listen up.

Kylie has been modelling for Kanye’s Yeezy clothing brand, but reportedly signed a deal with Puma to model its trainers.

Kanye gets straight on to Twitter (obviously), accusing Puma of getting between the family when actually Kylie had agreed a private deal to wear the trainers.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out, as Mr West is very much used to getting his own way.


We’re STILL looking for a house to live in.

Yes I know – we sold our house back in December and, although that sale eventually fell through, we found another buyer within two days so we’ve known for quite some time that we’re moving on.

We just can’t find anything we like.

I think the problem is we have champagne aspirations but a lemonade budget!

It doesn’t help that because of the the new tax rules affecting buy-to-let properties that are coming into effect in April, we have to vacate our premises by March 20, which really doesn’t give us long,

I’m literally on Rightmove about 50 times a day and becoming addicted to looking for properties.

I could so easily freak out right now.