We used to spend nothing at all

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

LESLEY KEATING: Sugar-free for a year and I’m glowing

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According to ‘guesstimates’, more than £100m a year is spent on Halloween paraphernalia.

Adults can’t resist tuning into their inner ghoulies and dressing up as witches and warlocks.

Meanwhile kiddiwinks revel in the American import ‘trick or treat’.

Troupes of mini vampires and ghosts go knocking on neighbour’s doors demanding ‘trick or treat’.

If a ‘treat’ (sweeties) isn’t forthcoming, then the ‘trick’ (eggs or flour) is thrown at the front door. Lovely.

Ten years ago only £12m was spent on celebrating Halloween.

Go back 50 years and the cost of Halloween was... nothing. Us kids made our own masks, cut up old sheets, filled the tin bath with water and went ducking for apples.

Halloween, like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, has become a merchandising machine. Where’s my broomstick?