We’ve all got a pair of pulling pants

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Go on, admit it ladies.

Tucked away in your knicker drawer is a pair of pulling pants.

Some Brit Babes’ ‘PPs’ are still operative, but for others they’re gathering dust and are just a fond memory of wild girls’ nights out.

It’s true fellas, women have different drawers for different occasions.

In the 1990s, I had a resale posh frock shop.

I was gobsmacked at the amount of smartly-dressed women who, once in the changing room, had very tatty drawers on.

And they would say to me: ‘Oh, these are just my shopping knickers’.

According to recent research, British women spend an average of just £10 a year on new knickers.

So when I say to wet-behind-the-ears yoofs ‘honey, I’ve got knickers older than you’, it may be truer than you think.