We’ve found an ingenious way to avoid doing ironing

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Recently I found out that Jez has got a weird obsession with laundry.

He absolutely hates drying his washing on radiators. Okay, so it doesn’t look great, but the majority of people do it because what else are you supposed to do when it’s freezing cold and raining outside?

He told me he’s considering buying his wife a heated clothes horse for Christmas. So if he comes back after Christmas suddenly single, don’t be surprised.

My boyfriend has come up with an ingenious alternative to the radiator. Our stairs aren’t plasterboarded underneath, so each step has a little ridge just big enough to hang a coat hanger.

This means he can hang his work shirts and trousers up to dry and because they’re already hanging you don’t even need to iron them. Brilliant!

But after all of Jez’s moaning about having to dry clothes on the radiator, it turns out he’s actually got a tumble dryer! He’s just too scared of shrinking things to use it.

Jez: Last week on the show we had a call from Dave of Portsmouth who was giving me tips on how to use the tumble dryer.

Apparently if you fold certain clothes before putting them inside the dryer they come out not needing to be ironed, which is obviously a very good thing.

When it comes to ironing my mother is really hardcore and, bizarrely, she seems to enjoy doing it. Whenever she visits our house she always inspects my shirts and trousers and asks the same old question: ‘Don’t you own an iron?’

My mum will happily iron bedsheets, pillowcases, socks and even underwear!

I must say I don’t enjoy ironing and I try to combine doing it with watching a movie on the telly, normally on a Sunday afternoon.

I will always iron my shirts for work – in fact I find a squirt of spray starch makes the job a doddle.

But I was completely shocked to discover Lou and her schoolteacher boyfriend never iron anything. In my day school teachers looked more like accountants and would wear smart shirts and suits.