Weekends aren’t the time for dissecting the universe

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If half the UK’s workforce doesn’t turn up today, it will be the fault of one man and some rogue TV planning.

When bosses up and down the country discover the office is looking a bit quieter than usual, and they’ve already spent three hours sifting through resignation emails, there will be one name they’re all muttering under their breath.

Professor Brian Cox, you’ve got some explaining to do.

With millions of people tuning into his Wonders of the Universe programme on BBC2 last night I fear for our nation’s future productivity.

Think science is dull? And physics in particular has all the pulling power of general anaesthetic?

Watch The Prof at work and you’ll undergo such seismic emotional shifts that those stereotypes you had about science being boring will be blown apart.

Fail to be moved by the idea that life as we know it is like a gnat’s blink compared to the life-span of the universe and you’re in big trouble.

OK, some moaning Minnies might have a problem with the licence fee being used to fly The Prof half-way around the world – making pit stops so that he can stand majestically on top of a snow-covered peak now and then – but not me.

I want the BBC to question the meaning of life more often.

While they’re at it, they should question the meaning of The One Show and the banality of the breakfast news programme (from beards to Libyan bloodshed in one 20-minute slot really does take some doing).

My only issue with The Prof and his infinite knowledge is one of scheduling.

There’s a real problem with asking people to question the meaning of life... on a Sunday night.

The only arrow of time it’s possible to comprehend as the sun is going down on your weekend is how much kip you can squeeze in before the alarm goes off.

Mind-boggling concepts that make human existence sound like a teeny-tiny dot makes the daily grind start to feel a little bit futile really.

No surprise Wonders of the Universe makes me want to sell the house and give away everything else I’ve ever owned – and then buy a winnebago and vanish.