Well done to all who made Race for Life a success

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ACROSS the area today, many people were waking up with aching muscles, sore legs and satisfying memories of a job well done.

More than 7,000 people took to our streets yesterday to join in the Race for Life and their efforts have contributed to raising almost half a million pounds to help fight cancer.

So they might be feeling a little bit tired, but hopefully that achievement will more than make up for it.

To anyone who signed up for this worthwhile event, we say well done.

Putting yourself out there under that baking summer sunshine to raise money for such a good cause deserves a round of applause.

Anyone who ventured outside at the weekend would have seen Southsea Common bathed in swathes of pink, as participants and their supporters turned out in force for the event.

Many of those who took part will have done so because of very personal motivations.

Joining the race were people who have lost relatives to cancer, or people who know those who are fighting the disease right now.

The sheer number of people taking part offers a sobering reminder of just how many of us are affected by cancer in some way.

But on the positive side, there are also numerous participants who have beaten cancer themselves, and who take part to show they are fighting fit.

And even better, all of these people are contributing to better research into the disease and how it is treated.

We should be proud to host such a magnificent event in our city every year, one that clearly makes a difference.

We’re sure lots of money was raised over the weekend, but it is not just about the cash.

It is a personal statement from everyone involved that we are committed to beating cancer and helping those who have it to enjoy a better life.

Those who took part are proof that we can make a difference.

Well done to every one of you.

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