Well done to the rain-soaked festivalgoers! – Cheryl Gibbs

Amy Ashby and Beth Watson making a muddy splash Victorious Festival 2018
Amy Ashby and Beth Watson making a muddy splash Victorious Festival 2018

Only this country could have a sweltering heatwave – the hottest and longest period  of sunshine for decades – and then rain like there’s no tomorrow on one of Portsmouth’s most lucrative and biggest events… 

I chose not to attend this year’s Victorious (I’m working abroad in the next week and have a ridiculous amount to organise before I go) but I still felt huge pride when Saturday’s event turned out  a  success. 

So I was mortified on Sunday when the heavens opened up spectacularly and rain  refused to subside. 

I genuinely felt bad for the event’s organisers who are trying each year to make the festival bigger and better.

Mother Nature always gets the last word though, doesn’t she? 

By lunchtime on Sunday I had completely forgotten about Victorious being hosted in Southsea so didn’t think anything of booking tickets to see Denzel Washington’s new movie The Equalizer 2 at Gunwharf Quays (which by the way is a brilliant, must-see movie – especially if you liked the first one).

As we drove down we were none the wiser about why the traffic was building up everywhere until we spotted a couple walking along the road in wellies and matching ponchos and we both said ‘Victorious’ at the exact same moment.

It was at that moment we realised we hadn’t a hope in hell of getting to the cinema in time or being able to park at Gunwharf.

As the throngs of people got bigger and I saw more and more people braving the driving rain on their way to Victorious, I reasoned our cinema plans really weren’t that big of a deal.

We did end up watching the movie and it was brilliant, but we had to park a mile away where the parking machine wasn’t working. We then had to jog all the way to Gunwharf in the belting rain to catch the movie. 

And we ended up sitting in wet clothes for nearly three hours in a packed, stuffy cinema. 

Nevertheless, I didn’t get anywhere near as soaked as the thousands who braved Victorious and I applaud them all. 

Businesswoman Kylie is much more than just a sexy pout 

Despite being worth around $900m, Kylie Jenner, the youngest sibling of the Kardashian clan, has just announced she is one of Adidas’s ambassadors.

The new mother took to Instagram this week to make the announcement, which means she’ll be getting a ton of cash for wearing free trainers and photographing herself in them. 

Not a bad gig, eh? 

It’s not been revealed what she’ll earn from the deal but – just putting it out there – I’d do it for half the fee.

Kylie is clearly one astute businesswoman (or her mum/momager is). 

Despite being the youngest sibling, she’s the one worth the most…not bad for a 21-year-old.

Holly’s great but I’ll miss the banter between Ant and Dec

The official build-up to Christmas begins with my favourite show, ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.   

One of the reasons I love it so much is because of the hosts Ant and Dec.

This year is going to be somewhat different because Ant is being ‘temporarily replaced’ by another ITV fave – Holly Willoughby.

I’m not sure whether this is a good decision or not. 

Holly is great and I can totally see why they’ve gone with a big name, but she’s no Ant.

I doubt very much she’ll be able to do the cheesy banter that makes the show so popular, only time will tell.

I just hope she’s only warming the seat for Ant’s return next year.