What a cheek! Forest views ruined by my madcap fiancé

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I’ve not had a full day off since my sisters’ weddings in Cuba in March so although I’m not complaining – how can I, I’ve been busy with work and that’s no bad thing – I really have felt in need of a break.

Our initial plan was to go away for the whole of last weekend.

However, things came up at work.

I’m mid-production on another royal documentary and this means planning anything goes out of the window.

But we did manage to go away on Saturday.

I booked us in at The Manor at Sway, near Lymington in the New Forest.

I didn’t want us to have to travel too far as the whole point of going was so we could de-stress and relax a bit.

So, travelling for miles for a little serenity seemed utterly pointless.

With the beautiful New Forest just a short distance past the West Quay turn-off of the M27 at Southampton, it seemed the perfect choice.

Once we had checked in and with the manor being in its own four acres of grounds, Matt and I looked at each other as if to say: ‘OK, what now?’

So I got a map of the area and we headed for a walk in a nature reserve.

My childhood was spent taking long walks in the countryside.

These were usually at Old Winchester Hill with my dad and sisters – climbing trees and trying to keep up with my dad who has ridiculously long legs as opposed to my very short ones.

But at least I’m used to the notion of ‘going for a walk’.

Matt however, city dweller that he is, wasn’t quite so enthused by the prospect.

But when I told him the philosophy of ‘when in Rome’ he reluctantly put on his trainers and we headed out.

It was stunning until the vistas I was enjoying were, how shall I say, ‘obstructed’.

Matt had jumped up on to a large log and pulled down his jeans to reveal his bottom (rather pert I may add).

While doing this he was scanning the glorious autumnal views in a deadly serious fashion.

I almost fell over laughing.

Trust him to take being ‘at one with nature’ to the extreme. I sure have one heck of a future husband.