What a load of old pony – our rhyming slang is going strong

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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According to a survey commissioned by the London Museum, cockney rhyming slang may be dying out.

Apparently phrases such as custard and jelly (telly) and teapot lids (kids) were no longer recognised by the majority of people.

Textspeak and youth slang have ousted the good old cockney dialect.

OMG! If the survey used phrases such as those mentioned above it is hardly surprising that people fail to recognise rhyming slang.

With new phrases based on celebrities – such as Gary Neville (level) and Andy McNab (kebab) – it would seem that rather than dying out, cockney rhyming slang is not brown bread, but merely evolving and the findings of this survey are really a load of old pony.