What career will my girls choose?

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Looking at my two girls whilst they are playing with their toys or watching TV, I sometimes wonder what the future holds. Like what job they’ll be doing when they are older.

My eldest daughter Caitlin can already talk for England.

She loves to chat, especially at the end of the day when she likes to tell me what she has done in the previous 12 hours.

I’m not sure if she actually wants to have a conversation with her daddy or if she’s just trying to stop me telling her it’s bedtime.

Maybe she could follow in my footsteps with a career on the radio. Just don’t expect too many songs though, it’ll probably be some sort of talk show.

Meanwhile Alyssa, who’s just turned one, is already showing signs of her future career.

She really likes to dance. When a tune comes on the radio or television she’ll start bobbing to the music.

She’ll even start moving her hips if there’s a song playing in the background while she’s having her nappy changed which makes it very difficult for me.

One job I don’t think will be ideal for Alyssa when she grows up is an aeroplane pilot or stewardess.

For the safety of all the passengers it will probably be best if Alyssa isn’t on board.

Maybe it won’t be a problem when she’s a little older, but at the moment Alyssa has got an obsession with buttons.

If there is a button of any sort, she wants to press it so you can see why I wouldn’t trust her anywhere near a cockpit.

Now she is walking there is a whole new world of buttons she can reach.

She particularly loves the buttons on the remote control. There have been many occasions recently where she has grabbed the remote control and accidentally deleted something I had recorded.

She even managed to record a show from the CBeebies channel the other day. Surely a coincidence?

Another button Alyssa can’t resist pressing is the start button on the washing machine.

A bundle of clothes recently got two washes when Alyssa decided to press the button which started a new cycle and couldn’t be stopped.

Alyssa’s button obsession was most annoying recently when her finger headed straight for the off button on my computer.

I’d done a lot of typing with a high word count and hadn’t saved my work.

One press of the off button by Alyssa and my work was gone forever.

Hopefully she’ll grow out of it. But in the meantime, if we ever get offered a tour of a cockpit on an aeroplane, the answer will be no.

She just can’t be trusted with such important buttons.