What have the Aussies got to be depressed and fat about?

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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You’d think all that sunshine and laid-back living would make Australians the happiest people on the planet.

But it turns out they’re as overweight as us Brits – and a fifth of those taking part in a global survey revealed lots of them suffer from depression.

In fact, only the United States and Saudia Arabia have higher rates of obesity.

Maybe it’s because all the Aussies we see over here are in showbiz or sport that makes these findings feel like a bit of a shocker.

After all, if Kylie Minogue or F1 driver Mark Webber are your stereotypical Australians, you’d be hard-pushed to find too much wrong with either of them.

It just goes to show though that the grass isn’t always greener – not even on the other side of the world.