What is the least-used icon on a computer keyboard these days?

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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Now that the @ sign and the # icon on our computer keyboards are so commonly used due to e-mailing and Twitter, does anyone have any idea what the least-used icon on a computer keyboard is now?

My guess is that it’s the icon that looks like a wigwam on top of the number six on the keyboard - I don’t think I’ve ever used that. Does anyone have any ideas?

n Seeing how summer seems to have extended into autumn so much this year, I was wondering if we should rename the season of autumn, because it seems like it’s going to be incredibly short.

I reckon if the last two months are anything to go by, we should call the months of September and October sum-tum because it’s like a cross between summer and autumn.

But if things stay warmish and autumn extends into winter, then we’ll need to rename the cold months of December, January and February as au-ter.

And if this carries on, I can’t wait for spring to run into summer because then we’ll have to rename that sprimmer and sprimmer is just a great name for a season.

n America is introducing obese crash test dummies to better reflect the physical proportions of its population.

Humanetics, the leading US supplier of crash test dummies, is releasing a 273lb version with measurements that qualify as morbidly obese.

So what I want to know is when are we going to be getting obese mannequins in fashion stores? I’m fed up with looking at skinny mannequins!

I want proper fat ones with overhanging stomachs, flabby arms, jowls and double chins.

And why stop there? How about having chubby cyber men in Doctor Who - why should all robots have a normal body mass index? And, how about more fat animals in nature documentaries?