What is the world record for time taken to get a ludicrously-tough tag off a posh item of clothing?

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I’ve discovered there are various unalterable laws of your wardrobe.  These hold true all your life, whatever happens to fashions.

As soon as one pair of your socks develops a hole in them, at least two or three other pairs will too. I don’t know why, but this always happens.

If you’re on a diet to get back into some clothes that don’t fit you, then as soon as you’ve lost the weight required, the clothes will suddenly go out of fashion.

If you spend six hours making a big effort to chuck out loads of clothes by emptying your wardrobes and chests of drawers, the end result will be that  you’ll throw away three odd socks or some old pairs of pants.

You’ll always have three items of clothing in your wardrobe that you have no idea how they got there. You won’t remember buying them, having them given to you or even wearing them!

And on the subject of clothes, I was just wondering what the world record is for time taken to get a ludicrously tough tag off a posh item of clothing.

I got a shirt the other day and it had a tag made from thick, laminated cardboard and tied through the buttonhole of the shirt with really thick twine-like string AND a thin metal chain. This was supposed to have a clasp on it, but it was impossible to undo!

The thickness of the card, string and metal meant I couldn’t bite through the tag.

I couldn’t use scissors and I didn’t have the strength to pull it off. So I can’t wear the shirt until I can find some wire cutters!

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