What makes a ‘talker’?

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Part of the process of putting The News together is a conference each morning to see what’s on the agenda that day.

As news editor it’s my job to bring in a list of stories that I think are worth putting in, including a couple of options for the ‘splash’ – the front page story.

As I bring up each story there are varying levels of discussion around the table.

Some are straightforward, and there’s general agreement in the room about the way we should tackle them.

Others I might have to fight for a bit – particularly if I’m trying to persuade the editor that it’s worth going with on the front.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose and that’s all part of the fun.

Then there’s a third category – and these are the ones that can split the room.

Take for instance today’s story about the woman who was suspended by her employers for going to work with purple hair. When we chatted about this one, some felt it wasn’t much of a story.

This woman knew the dress code rules at work and decided to break them, they said. So what?

Then others chimed in, mentioning that she seemed to have the support of customers, and questioning why her hair colour makes a difference anyway.

This often happens, and the debate rages for a while – and I sit back quite happily.

Why? Because I know I’ve got people interested. And at some point, someone will pipe up and say ‘It’s a talker!’ and it’ll go in the paper.

I love talkers. We don’t have to agree or disagree with someone’s viewpoint to realise that it’s worth having a debate.

So if you know about something that might divide opinion, do let me know about it.

I might not agree with you – but we can talk about it!