What on earth does Blatter think Domingo can offer?

Inquisitor: John Humphrys

ZELLA COMPTON: Why does John Humphrys still have a national platform?

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What do Henry Kissinger, Johann Cruyff and Placido Domingo have in common?

Apparently all three possess a combination of the knowledge and experience that is required to cleanse and purify FIFA, the body which runs football around the world.

I can understand that Kissinger (a diplomat) and Cruyff (a legend of the game) would have something to offer – but what on earth does Sepp Blatter think Domingo has to contribute?

Even more puzzling is the fact he hasn’t bothered to ask others like Jose Carreras, Wynne Evans, Andrea Bocelli or Russell Watson to become involved.

After all, it’s not like FIFA council members to settle for one tenor when there’s a few more to be had.