What’s in store for us in 2019 except utter chaos? – Blaise Tapp

Blaise is stuffed
Blaise is stuffed
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Getting through the week following Christmas Day can be a bit of a struggle.

Firstly, there is a huge anti-climax once the big day is done and dusted and, let’s be honest, all anybody wants to do after 6pm on December 25 is send everybody else home.

We absolutely don’t want to take on elderly relatives at Trivial Pursuit and I would rather kiss a ferret on the mouth than participate in a game of festive charades.

I put it down to the food, a combination of slowly ageing leftovers and cupboards full of high calorie treats which only serve to fuel one’s desire to fall asleep in front of yet another Christmas special of a panel show, which was probably filmed in October.

Being a gastro-bore of the highest order, filling one’s face is high on my list of priorities at this time of year.

Due to fact that we tend to spend the equivalent of a month’s grocery bill on one meal, there is a reluctance for most of us to venture to the supermarket much before New Year’s Eve, meaning that we are stuck in leftovers limbo until then.

This kind of sums up the week – it is one long post-Christmas hangover.

It is precisely due to this fact that I start planning for the 12 months ahead and, while I have finally dispensed with the notion of New Year’s resolutions, these days of sitting on the sofa in your scruffs really are the perfect time to devise a strategy to finally get ahead in life or at the very least plan a holiday.

Of course, that would be the case if we had any idea what might lay ahead of us in 2019.

Saying we live in uncertain times is as much of a understatement as saying that Jeremy Corbyn is a bit of a ditherer.  Nobody has a clue what is going on in terms of the short-term future of the country, not even those entrusted with making the decisions that really matter.

One thing is for certain – there will be a lot more uncertainty in 2019.

Last week we heard the government will have troops on standby if there were to be a No Deal on Brexit, fuelling fears there could be real chaos.

With a bit of luck I might have some Christmas grub left over come March.