What’s the point of having DNA and photos buried on the moon?

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A British-led consortium has outlined its plans to land a robotic probe on the moon in 10 years’ time;

However it wants to raise £500m for the project by getting donations from the public.

In return for handing over the cash, donors would be able to have their photos and their DNA included in a time capsule which will be buried under the lunar surface.

Can someone tell me what the point of that is? What’s the point in having your photo and DNA left on the moon if they’re going to bury it under the surface?

You don’t show people holiday snaps of the Grand Canyon and say ‘that’s me buried under all those rocks’.

What are they going to do? Send donors a photo of some rocks and a dusty surface and say ‘there you are – proof that your photo and DNA are now on the moon.’

If I’m going to stump up for this, I want a picture of my photo next to the robotic probe on the lunar surface.

Otherwise no-one’s going to believe that we’ve landed on the moon, and we don’t want any more conspiracy theories about that!

An increase in the number of car parking collisions has been blamed on cars getting bigger while parking spaces have remained the same size.

But here’s something I don’t understand about those little prangs that you get while parking a car.

If you make a dent in someone’s bumper, you have to swap insurance details and make a claim for damage.

But surely bumpers are meant to be bumped into? That’s why they were given that name.

Surely we should be allowed to put dents in other motorists’ bumpers. If you don’t want them to be bumped into stop calling them bumpers.

That’s probably why the Americans call them fenders. So it cuts down on accidents!