What will 2012 bring for all of us after the gloom of 2011?

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Now 2012 is just a few days away, what will it bring for us all? I’m hoping for a better economic climate and a job – but obviously I need to start applying for some before that happens.

Now I’m dog-bound, I’m back in the position of looking for decent part-time work with wages which actually make it worthwhile turning up (once the additional childcare and potential dog-walker is paid).

I have of course been keeping an eye on what’s on offer. But sadly no jobs have leapt into my eyeline which say ‘perfect for you Zella, good wages, near to home, child/dog-friendly hours – and you get to use your brain’.

Perhaps I am hoping for too much but we can all dream can’t we? I hope your dreams come true in the new year.