What will be at the top of their wish lists this year?

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Scanning the top 50 list of toys expected to be bestsellers this Christmas, there are a few familiar names, like Lego and Monopoly.

It seems at first like these popular classics have stood the test of time.

On closer inspection, though, while the brands and concepts might be the same, these toys are not replicas of the ones many of us played with as kids.

Things have changed, rather a lot, and toys are a little more hi-tech nowa-


‘Everything has evolved,’ says Gary Grant, chairman of the Dream Toys committee which compiles the list every year.

‘Nothing on this list is exactly the same as it was years ago, when you or I were young.

‘Yes, Lego’s on there, but it’s not the same Lego we played with.

‘Back then, the developments we saw were things like window panes and roofing panels – now things are far more advanced.’

As for Monopoly, with this year’s Monopoly Empire, gone are the dog, old boot and top hat.

Kids can now play with a Coke bottle, Xbox controller and carton of fries, as they battle it out to buy and sell modern multinational brands including Apple, McDonalds and Samsung, rather than hotels in Mayfair.

The new Monopoly Empire (RRP £19.99) made it into the Top Ten. But what else is on the list this year?

Dream Toys Top Ten (in alphabetical order).

City Coast Guard (Lego RRP £59.99)

Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Playset (Flair RRP £19.99).

Flying Fairy by Flutterbye (Spin Master Toys UK RRP £34.99)

Furby Boom! (Hasbro RRP £59.99)

InnoTab 3S (VTech RRP £99.99)

LeapPad Ultra (Leapfrog RRP £119.99)

Monopoly Empire (Hasbro RRP £19.99)

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll (Mattel RRP £22.99)

Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18 (Hasbro RRP £39.99)

Robo Fishbowl (Zuru-Geemac RRP £14.99)

Teksta Robotic Puppy (Character Options RRP £59.99)