What will Jessica’s daughter think when she grows up?

Don't worry children, it won't hurt a bit...

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What is it with celebrities’ desire to pose naked for magazine photoshoots? Oh yes I forgot, it’s that big fat cheque.

Jessica Simpson is the latest star to pose in the buff for Elle US magazine.

She’s following Demi Moore, who was the first pregnant celebrity to do it back in 1991 for Vanity Fair.

I’m all for sexy and ‘natural’ photoshoots, but I’m a little squeamish about pregnancy and wonder what the child will make of it when they look at the photos when they are older.

I know I wouldn’t want any child of mine to see me starkers on the front cover of one of the biggest showbiz magazines!

But Jess, who announced she was having a girl, still gets my congratulations over the impending birth.