What would they think if it was their wife or daughter?

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I was amused to see Hedge End’s Beer, Baccy and Crumpet political party being told its name could not appear on voting slips in May because ‘crumpet’ might be offensive.

If someone called me crumpet I’d howl with laughter before telling that person to get back in the Carry On film where they belonged.

Things become less offensive when we can laugh at them, but the fact that someone still thinks, in 2015, that crumpet is an appropriate description for a lady really beggars belief.

But have we changed as a society that much?

Not going by the crowd at Stamford Bridge last week, when a female doctor was called onto the pitch to treat a player.

Suffice to say she was invited, by dozens of knuckle-dragging fans, to get something out for the lads.

It’s as disappointing as it is moronic

It’s as disappointing as it is moronic. I’m sure they’d say it was friendly banter, and nothing for her to get her knickers in a twist about.

After all, they’re only following in the footsteps of Northumberland County Football Association official John Cummings, who was sacked last year for telling referee Lucy May that ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’.

And let’s not forget disgraced ex-Sky Sports presenters Richard Keys and Andy Gray who claimed assistant referee Sian Massey did not know the offside rule because she was a woman.

Presumably some of the Chelsea chanters have actually managed to procreate, and some might even have daughters.

Maybe even some of them think it might be nice if their daughter goes to university, possibly to train as a doctor, and then what a coup if she could treat their team’s players!

Oh, but then she walks out on the pitch…

It might just be banter, it might seem harmless at the time, but ask yourself this: would you have a problem if your daughter, wife, or mother was chanted at for doing her job?

For walking down a street?

Just for being a girl?

And what about if some oik dismissed her as just a bit of crumpet?

Thought as much.