What you read, watch and hear shapes your opinions

Where better to begin the fight against hate crime?

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Ireally tried not to be a sheep and follow everyone else.

I tried up until the very last point, when I feared my car would conk out at any given moment.

But in the end I had no choice – and I had to brave the petrol station.

What on earth has been going on with this crazy petrol crisis?

And what has the government been doing to prevent a panic from sweeping across Britain?

Oh yes, that’s right, they were the ones who started it!

Very rarely will you find me having a political rant but, I’m sorry, occasionally what Angelina Jolie is wearing just isn’t going to quite cut the mustard and today is one of those days.

The problem with this country is that – no scrap that, any country really – is the public are controlled 99 per cent of the time by the media.

Whether you agree with this statement is neither here nor there because trust me my friends, it’s true.

What you read in the newspapers, hear on the radio or watch on TV has an enormous impact on helping you to make daily decisions.

It shapes your opinions and ultimately your actions.

So when our government – our trusted (that’s questionable) powers-that-be – make a national announcement, flippantly stating that we should in fact fill up our petrol tanks while we have the chance, what on earth were we really supposed to think?

What did they think we’d do?

All part of their master plan to control society I’m sure.

Of course we did what we were told and we quickly went out and ran the pumps dry.

And then we were told not to panic-buy.

But, David Cameron, you just told us to.

You see where I’m going with this!

It makes me so mad… and I tried, really tried, not to follow everyone else and add to the chaos that was mounting up and down the country.

But the red ‘empty’ sign on the dashboard forced my hand so I filled up – right to the top.

And then guess what happened?

Well, I broke down.

What is it they say about karma?