Whatever happened to talking in this age of texts and tweets?

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Life abbreviated – that’s how we live now folks.

To those of you who are growing deliciously, disgracefully older like me, do you remember we used to be tested on abbreviations at school in the 1950s?

Most of what we learned was of no use nor ornament in our lives.

Little did we know, that 60 years on abbreviations would be ‘ de rigeur’ darling, as the world texts and tweets.

I send and receive the occasional text, which I tend to read a couple of days later, because I’ve forgotten to switch my mobile on. As for Twitter – yuksville dear.

Yes I know it’s all part of social networking, and actively encouraged by celebs and TV programmes.

Along the bottom of the screen run the comments from viewers and they’re pretty dullsville.

Who cares that Dopey from Dagenham says ‘Joey Essex is reem’. Not me.

Oh dear I’m starting the new year in curmudgeonly old battleaxe mode.

Am I bovvered? Nah.

See, I’m a people person.

I like to sit and chat on the phone, or meet pals for 
coffee. I love to talk – surprise, surprise!

But I also love to listen to other people’s stories.

I was privileged from 2006 to 2010 to be a wrinklie roving radio reporter for local radio station Express FM.

Two or three times a week I’d be out and about interviewing Pompey people, mostly unsung heroes, many with a fascinating story to tell.

I was a lucky kid to have a dad who was a superb storyteller.

He had stories of his life in the Royal Navy, the far flung places he visited and, like his daughter – who was to become very accident prone – he was always in the proverbial poopoo.

So I wonder about this generation glued to their iPhones, tablets and laptops etc.

Do they chat to their parents? Are they interested in their heritage?

Possibly not.

No time for stories.

Life moves fast now.

Technology speeds us into our futures in short texts and tweets.

As I said, life abbreviated.

Shame. In your life you can deeply touch another, you never know the effect your story might have.