When did you last use a cup and saucer?

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It’s bad enough that our British yoof copy USA youth culture, where everything from cup cakes to catastrophes are ‘awesome’.

But have you noticed recently there’s a new ‘Americanism’ in town?

Glamorous X Factor judge Kelly Rowland critiques every other show auditionee with: ‘Ooo, he/she/they are soooo cute.’

Yuksville! Last Sunday I was emulsioning my hall bubblegum pink (sooo cute!) and some USA reality TV show was on in the background.

Set in LA, all I could hear was continuous ‘ooo sooo cute’. AArgghh.

But what did tickle my chucklezone was when the ‘star’ was given her mug of coffee balanced on a plate. She enquired: ‘Is the plate to stop condensation?’

It made me think. Folks, when did you last drank tea at home in a cup – and saucer?