When is the right time to put up Xmas decorations?

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Last week on our radio show we were naming and shaming people who already have their Christmas decorations and trees up.

I was amazed to discover when I took my kids to the Historic Dockyard over the half-term break that they had all their Christmas decorations up in the visitor centre.

It was the last day of October and the warmest Halloween on record.

Temperatures were reaching 20 degrees, but there was a giant snowman and a six-foot green Christmas tree greeting people as they arrived at the Dockyard.

It was bizarre!

In my family we normally put the tree up once we hit December.

Lou tells me off as she reckons it’s still too early.

But after going through the hassle of retrieving all the decorations from the attic, I want to enjoy them for at least a couple of weeks.

When it comes to decorating our tree, my wife takes it all very seriously.

Sometimes she spends a whole day getting everything in exactly the right position before the official unveiling ceremony.

Lou: Every year Christmas seems to hit the shops a little sooner.

I accept that it’s necessary for shops to stock Christmassy things in November (after all, I plan to start my Christmas shopping any day).

However, surely we don’t need decorations up yet?

We’ll be sick of the sight of them before we’ve even hit December!

That said, I did see a Christmas shop complete with festive tunes and staff dressed as elves back in October!

We don’t put any decorations up in my house until about a week before Christmas.

When I was little I hated waiting so long to decorate the tree, but these days I appreciate that it’s far more special if you only have them up for a couple of weeks.

One of my favourite things is going Christmas shopping just before the big day when it’s already dark and there are twinkly lights everywhere.

It seems a shame to make Christmas last for months as it completely takes away the magic of it.