When ‘Teddy’ the glove puppet took on a very naughty persona

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I’m a Celebrity ...Get Me Out of Here! contestant and ex-world darts champion Eric Bristow has written his autobiography, called The Crafty Cockney.

In it he talks about Rod Hull and Emu.

Remember Emu folks? It was an enormous and boisterous glove puppet (well, arm puppet) that appeared to have a life of its own as it grabbed people.

We’ll never forget poor old Michael Parkinson, who was not amused as Emu grabbed him and knocked him off his chair during one of his chat shows.

It appears that, according to Eric, Emu was more gropey than grabby when it came to the ladies.

All I know is, 30 years ago when going to a fancy dress party, hubby No 2 The Geordie Gent was dressed as Andy Pandy with a ‘Teddy’ glove puppet.

‘Teddy’ took on his own naughty persona and spent most of the evening pinching ladies’ botties.

It was all taken as jolly good fun.

But thinking about it now, it could have been misinterpreted as ‘ groping’.

Anyway, reading about Emu took me on a meander down memory lane.

Forty years ago I was a stewardess on the ferries from Weymouth to Jersey.

I worked the night boat with cockney Marie in the cafeteria, and we used to get really bored.

One night with most of the 1,000 passengers asleep or drunk, she brought out a bottle of hooch from under the counter.

We all knew that alcohol on duty was a real no-no for crew. But Marie persuaded me to have some.

So, full of cheap plonk and mischief, we still had to serve the odd inebriated passenger with coffee.

Unbeknown to me, Marie had an Emu glove puppet and she was giving change by grabbing passengers’ arms.

They were freaked out and we thought it was hilarious.

All harmless fun really. Or so we thought.

But at 6am the ferry docked and by 6.30am we were up in front of the Captain.

In our defence,Marie slurred: ‘It wasn’t us, it was Emu.’

So folks, here is the question.

When one has a glove puppet on one’s hand, where does the innocent fun end and the inappropriate behaviour begin?