Where does all this ‘stuff’ come from and why do we buy it?

Mind-reading - a terrifying prospect.

BLAISE TAPP: Thought Police will have a field day with our minds

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It’s incredible how much ‘stuff’ two people accrue over time. I’m sure I had a massive clear-out when we moved last summer, but as we prepare to turn the third bedroom into a nursery, it’s clear I didn’t touch the surface.

I’ve been extra ruthless sorting out my wardrobes, yes wardrobes, plural. Now I’m down to one.

I wondered if, like Imelda Marcos, my wife needed all those shoes, but bless her, ruthless is her middle name too.

Now the list of things we need has to be purchased. Boy, it never ends. Cot, cupboard with changing board, rocking chair and pouffe. Where will it all go? Sad to report, the man-room is now the loft. It’s all about sacrifice.