Where will the need to be perfect end?

A nightingale - more than just a good singing voice.
A nightingale - more than just a good singing voice.
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You’ve heard the expression ‘I’ll end up with egg on my face’.

Well, what about nightingale droppings?

At a cost of £125 , the ‘bird poop’ facial is doing a roaring trade in New York.

The facial mixture known as ‘Uguisu No Fun’ is made from nightingale excrement. It dates back centuries in Japan where it was credited with preserving the porcelain-like skin of geisha girls.

Eee, fancy that. No thanks, I’ll stick to a big dollop of cheap cold cream instead.

Now, I didn’t even know what ‘moobs’ were until I read a recent article on ‘moob jobs’.

Apparently, they are man boobs and men are having cosmetic surgery to reduce such sagginess and give themselves chiselled chests.

Meanwhile, women’s boob jobs are on the increase.

Where will this ceaseless need for perfection end, eh?