White van drivers should be monitored by black box

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There has been much discussion on my radio show this week concerning the driving standards of those behind the wheel of white delivery vans.

The topic was kicked off by a listener at Portchester who has been become fed up with the style of driving along his road of white van men and women and their apparent disregard for people’s safety.

His argument was that delivery vans should be monitored and restricted.

He made some very good points which included the fitting of a black box which reveals driving standards.

A young new driver can have such a device installed in their car. Insurance companies will then lower premiums if the car is driven in a safe, sensible manner.

Most bus companies today employ a ‘drive green’ system, which also monitors a driver’s performance. A green light for safe, comfortable driving, but if the system detects excessive braking or turning, you get an amber or red light.

The delivery driver is getting a bad reputation at the moment and I’m sure it’s just a minority. I’m sure they have deadlines to meet.

Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham are not renowned for having a trouble-free road network, so I can appreciate the stress these drivers must be under.

I’m wondering how the distribution companies themselves communicate with their drivers? Some are not paid when not delivering, meaning time spent on the road with an empty van is money lost.

I empathise with the delivery driver, but when you constantly see them darting about at breakneck speeds in built-up areas, engines revving hard, you can see why many think they are a law unto themselves.

Who has been driving down a motorway only to have a white van loom up behind, tailgating? You move aside in surprise at the speeds these vehicles can reach.

Is it right a van should reach 90mph? Surely the manufacturers should limit them to 70 at least?

We live on congested roads. Parking is at a premium and Portsmouth is the second most densely populated city in the UK. Maybe my listener is right, monitoring is the way forward.