Who can take James Bond villain Kim at all seriously?

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We know poverty is rife in North Korea, but I didn’t expect it to reach the higher echelons of society.

It seems they can’t even afford a few tins of dog food these days and have had to start feeding the country’s dissenters to their four-legged friends instead.

Although to be fair, if I had to eat Pedigree Chum every day then humans might become a viable option.

Yep, Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, has really excelled himself this time.

There are rumours that his uncle and five aides were stripped naked and thrown into a cage of 120 hounds. The men were then devoured by the hungry beasts, who had been starved for three days.

This execution is known as ‘Quan Jue’, or ‘execution by dogs’. They really took a long time to think that one up.

You’d have thought that if they were going to bump someone off in such a way, they’d have come up with an equally spectacular name, something along the lines of ‘death by 1,000 teeth’.

Kim apparently called his uncle a traitor, a womaniser and a ‘despicable human being – worse than a dog.’

I’m sure this act, if it happened, was more a show of strength than anything else– ‘you laugh at my hair again and this is what’ll happen to you.’

But who could take this man seriously anyway? He looks like a ridiculous villain from a James Bond movie.

He has the air of a cartoon character baddie about him.

It’s the sort of thing you’d expect Mr Burns from The Simpsons to do if he ever rose to power.

Jong-Un’s Fisher Price rockets are hardly striking fear into the world, so he has decided to pick on the easy targets in his own country.

His dad, Kim Jong Il, was regarded as mad, but this is taking things to a new level.

Apparently his old man used to pretend he was an expert golfer and got state media to report that he once shot 38 under par on a regulation 18-hole golf course – including five holes in one!

Why couldn’t Kim just follow in the same wacky footsteps as his father?