Who convinces themselves their way is the only way?

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Who can look at the pictures coming from Tunisia with anything but despair?

I can’t begin to comprehend what must go through someone’s mind before committing an atrocity such as this.

In no way do I think that this person represents Christianity, but their righteous self-belief frightens me deeply

Surely they think about their parents, siblings, children, families and friends? So how are they able to not translate those feelings and reflect them on to other people?

What really struck me was the beachside setting. Indescribable as it must be to lose anyone in a terrorist attack, this one is haunting me more than others.

It could easily have been any of us at a popular beach resort, getting away for some sun.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those whose families have been torn apart by what’s happened.

I reflected on the senselessness of this action and wondered who could convince themselves their way is the only way? Did I know anyone who is so single-minded? And my reflections then led me to those who share what I see as extreme views on Facebook.

It’s always about the individual, it’s always about twisting the words of the past to suit a person’s view of the present.

The most vitriolic person I know on Facebook is Christian and hides behind the mantle of peace to spread what I can only describe as vicious teachings.

This person continually posts about Jesus and being Christian and what that means. But strangely enough – although I don’t go to church that regularly – I have never heard my local vicar tell the congregation that you shouldn’t spare the rod on children, that a regular beating will help them grow up respectful (as long as you’re Christian about it).

Nor has my local vicar spoken out against gay marriage – yet this Facebooker demands male/female marriage.

In no way do I think that this person represents Christianity, but their righteous self-belief frightens me deeply. It’s a daily struggle not to delete that friendship and a couple of others who insist on posting Britain First xenophobic nonsense.

But then I think I need to fight their stance and question all those who make wide, sweeping statements.