Who’ll be the surprise package in this year’s I’m A Celebrity?

Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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If you know all the contestants on this year’s I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! then I’d say that you’ve been watching far too much telly.

From the weedy white-toothed TOWIE ‘actor’ Joey Essex to chat show host Matthew Wright, surely this year’s show should be entitled I’m A Has-Been/Wannabe... Get Me Out Of Here!

This show can make or break careers though, as it’s a chance for the real person to be seen by us all, not just the showbiz image they normally project.

Ashley Roberts from Pussycat Dolls proved what a brave, well-rounded person she is. The same could not be said of Gillian McKeith.

I wonder who will be this year’s surprise package?