Who’ll win the Tousle-Haired Poseur of the Year award?

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It’s official – Hugh Grant and Boris Johnson are, quite literally, going head to head in the Self-Deprecating Tousle-Haired Poseur of the Year competition 2012.

They jostled for position on The Agenda this week and the television screen was brimming with shy grins and self-conscious smirks.

But it was the hairstyles – variations upon a similar theme – which caught the eye.

Grant went for a look of deliberate disarray, which was sustained by some form of mousse and appeared to have been sculpted with an egg whisk.

Johnson opted for the usual blond shambles, which he carefully rearranged every few minutes by dragging his fingers through his hair.

These boys are at the top of their game – and it’s anyone’s title.