Why can’t people see Peppa video is a humorous hoax?

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If you’ve got young kids or know someone who has young kids, you’ll be familiar with Peppa Pig.

Even if you’re single and sit indoors all day with the windows shut, swigging energy drinks with Domino’s Pizza on speed dial, you’ll have heard of Peppa. She’s everywhere.

Peppa Pig is now the number one downloaded children’s show on American TV network ABC.

But budget cuts mean our friends across the Atlantic may soon have to go without the children’s favourite.

And that’s not the only place she could disappear, if you believe reports circulating on social media.

A video has appeared in which a man says he wants the Peppa Pig cartoons banned from TV because pigs are ‘haram’ – unclean.

In the video, the man says ‘my son used to want to be a doctor, now he wants to be a pig’, adding that he is planning to promote a more suitable new cartoon character called Abdullah The Cat.

This video has since been dismissed as a humorous hoax (surprise, surprise). Some want the creator, Zayn Sheikh, to get his own comedy show.

But it hasn’t stopped others from taking it all very seriously and genuinely calling for the series to be banned.

A Facebook page called Muslims Against Peppa Pig has more than 2,000 likes so far.

Apparently there’s also an online petition to get Peppa taken off the air because she offends some people’s religious beliefs.

How absolutely ridiculous! It’s a cartoon, for pity’s sake.

It has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Really, what is up with some people?

Where I can sympathise is with those poor parents who now detest Peppa because their offspring have become totally obsessed and insist on watching it morning, noon and night and having all the merchandise.

Yes, televisions have loads of channels nowadays. If you don’t like something, you can pick up your remote and flick to something else.

But if you’ve got young fans in the house, then switch off Peppa at your peril!