Why did hardline interviewer Paxo get all the one-liners?

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I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the general election. I wonder how things will change in the next five years?

We frequently switched channels on the night, watching all the different coverage from the stuffy old BBC with David Dimbleby and his many errors to the slick but rather boring ITV and the interesting attempt at comedy by Channel 4.

On paper The Alternative Election Night sounded like a great idea, with Jeremy Paxman and David Mitchell as the main hosts.

Why oh why, then, did they think it would be funny to give hardline interviewer Paxman the one-liners and David Mitchell the political stuff?

It was most certainly not funny.

I’m sure Paxo loved being let loose with some comedy repartee, but for me it just didn’t work.

The Scots don’t want independence, but want to run their own country with our financial backing

The funniest moment of them all came at 4am, but this was not on Channel 4.

A cleaner appeared on screen behind Dimbleby, prompting him to retort: ‘For God’s sake’.

Pure comedy gold! Poor old Mrs Overall.

As for the result itself. I’m sure even David Cameron himself wasn’t expecting an overall majority and must have been thinking about which party to work with again.

I’m also sure that Nick Clegg didn’t expect the country to lose so much faith in his party and Ed Miliband wouldn’t have thought his welcome in Scotland was that frosty.

So in England, Lib Dems voted Tory to keep the Scots out, whereas in Scotland, the Scots voted SNP to keep the English out!

There are two things that have struck me about this election. The Scots don’t want independence, but want to run their own country with our financial backing.

And the voting system could come under serious questioning again, when the near-four million people who voted for Ukip are only represented by one MP.

A fascinating five years lie ahead. Will we still be part of the European Union, with there still be a United Kingdom and who will lead Labour and the Lib Dems?

And another question. What happened to the Monster Raving Loony Party?