Why does godmother send Wallace and Gromit gifts?

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My boyfriend got a parcel in the post the other day. Obviously he hasn’t opened it yet, but from the handwriting we know it’s from his godmother.

Therefore we know it will contain something to do with Wallace and Gromit.

Sage and Onion were only with us a couple of years, so thankfully the chicken gifts stopped once they had moved on

For the past few years, without fail, he has been given a Wallace and Gromit-themed present.

Last year it was a rather fetching washbag, the year before a matching set of wooden spoons, one featuring Wallace’s head and the other Gromit’s!

Now I don’t think I can name anyone who doesn’t like Wallace and Gromit. Let’s face it, they’re great.

But while he likes the plasticine duo as much as the next bloke, Liam’s never expressed a particular interest in them.

So we have absolutely no idea why his godmother always sends him these very specific presents. And he can’t just ask her, as we don’t want to upset her or seem ungrateful.

So we’ll just wait for Christmas Day to arrive so he can discover what Wallace and Gromit treat awaits him this year!

Jez: When it comes to giving the same Christmas present year after year, I’m very guilty of doing exactly this when it comes to my mother’s gift.

Over the years I’ve discovered only two things that my mother loves – Fenjal bath cream is one of them and the other is anything from Marks and Spencer.

Consequently, every year I pop to my local pharmacy to pick up the bubble bath and then purchase some gift vouchers for M&S. It makes my mum very happy, so why would I change?

I remember a few years ago my wife decided to re-home some old battery hens. Sage and Onion made surprisingly good pets, not to mention the yummy eggs they supplied.

Problem was many members of our family then decided to purchase various chicken-related gifts.

We got some chicken salt and pepper pots, then a year later a garden sign saying ‘Beware of the Chickens’ and then the following year some chicken coffee mugs.

Sage and Onion were only with us a couple of years, so thankfully the chicken gifts stopped once they had moved on.