Why don’t more of us do it ourselves? A lack of time

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Last weekend I learned how to make curtains.

My mum has always been really good at that kind of thing and over the years has made curtains or blinds for most of our friends.

The fact that no-one else seemed to do it themselves made me assume that they’re really difficult to make. But as long as you can use a tape measure and sew in a straight line, there’s not really much to go wrong.

Considering how expensive made-to-measure curtains can be, I honestly don’t know why more people don’t do it themselves.

But I suppose I could say that about a lot of things.

Why buy cakes and biscuits when you can bake them yourself? Why not go blackberry-picking and make your own jam?

I think that, for the majority of people, the answer is time. No-one has time these days to make everything from scratch.

At the moment I’m still fully intending to sit down at my sewing machine every time I need a new pair of curtains, but perhaps that’s a little optimistic as I’m bound to run out of hours in the day.

Jez: I’m so impressed with Lou learning to make curtains. This is a brilliant way to save loads of money.

My wife and I recently had to order curtains, which cost more than £200 and took over a month to arrive.

When I think about the things I have learned to make, they are almost all food-related.

My home-made Chicken Kiev is a triumph! It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe and is simple to create.

Buy four large chicken breasts from the butcher and ask him to slice an envelope into the meat. Then mix some butter with three garlic cloves. Next, chop some flat leaf parsley and add some bacon bits.

Cool the butter mixture in the fridge, then cut into chunks and place inside the chicken breasts. Dip into some egg before applying breadcrumbs and serve with some fresh lemon. It tastes really good.

I have also recently learned to drill holes in the walls of my house and install plugs for shelving or hanging pictures.

I guess you could say I’ve learned to make my wife happy via successful DIY projects.