Why Grease is not a dads’ film

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Do you remember that uncomfortable feeling of watching TV with your parents when things on screen started to get a little steamy?

I’ve been ridiculed over the past 35 years for the fact that I’ve never seen the film Grease.

Now I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to watch it.

I’ve caught the last three minutes of the movie about 40 times (normally on snoozy Christmas afternoons) and it looks a bit naff to be honest.

High school sweethearts fall in love and fly off in a car is hardly the stuff of legends.

Like most five-year-old girls, Molly loves music and dancing and has fallen in love with this musical.

I poked my head around the door, to make sure she was okay watching it for the sixth time this week, when I was ordered to leave the room.

‘This isn’t a film for daddies,’ she said.

‘You won’t like it; it’s got kissing and everything’.

The kissing bit I can tolerate, it’s the ‘and everything’ that really raises an eyebrow.