Why have card shops been taken over by Christmas in November?

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Okay, I know it’s mid-November, but answer me this.

Why have most of Britain’s card shop displays already been taken over by Christmas cards? 

If you know someone who celebrates a birthday or anniversary in the period between mid-November and late December, it’s so much harder to find a suitable card to give to them.

That’s because so many seem to have been removed to make way for the festive displays.

And don’t even think about dying between mid-November and December, because your family will never get any ‘In Sympathy’ cards as they’re almost impossible to find too.

And you can forget about receiving any ‘Congratulations on Passing Your Driving Test’ cards because they seem to have disappeared completely.

Come on card shops, we don’t need a whole five weeks to sort out our Christmas cards.

Most of us will be buying selection boxes of them anyway. So can you kindly cut down your Christmas card displays, NOW!

And while we are on the subject of card shops, can someone tell me please why so many cards in our card shops have to have pictures of bears on them?

Almost every card you can buy for couples has drawings of bears looking all cute and romantic .

Why? When did you ever see a couple of bears being romantic? They’re not romantic, are they?

According to Wikipedia, bears are solitary creatures, so they’re not likely to be very coupley and lovey-dovey.

Whereas swans apparently mate for life.

So why, I ask you, do none of the cards you can buy for couples feature pictures of swans?