Why have expensive leather sofas and cover them up?

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Why do women have an obsession with covering things up? It defies logic and causes arguments, with accusations of being lazy.

We have two lovely dark brown leather sofas. But the other half insists on putting ‘throws’ over them.

I ask you, what’s the point of buying expensive leather when all you’re doing is covering it up with cloth?

I wish she’d told me she doesn’t like sitting on cold leather. It would have saved me a lot of money.

Before bedtime the comment comes, regular as clockwork: ‘Can you tidy the sofas before you come up?’

My blood starts to boil. Not only do I hate these throws, but I also hate tidying them up. If I forget, I receive the morning moan!

The same goes with the bed. Does it really need a throw over it, folded in a certain way and placed at a certain point across the bed?

Do we really need an assortment of cushions and a teddy bear to go with it?

‘You didn’t make the bed properly this morning’ comes the claim.

To me, fluffing up the pillows and putting the duvet back over constitutes making the bed. But no, without the throw and assorted cushions, she doesn’t think it’s made properly.

She loves throws so much that she even wears one when we go out. But this one has a fancy name, a pashmina!

Apparently, things have to be done properly and have to look nice. With this in mind, I pointed out that my separates hi-fi system, along with beautiful speakers, is still in the garage.

To me they look very nice – and surely doing things properly means having a quality sound system?

The answer is, of course, no. It’s too big and cumbersome and she points out that the iPod docking station is far more practical.

I then try to point out that the home cinema speakers for the TV need to be placed in the correct positions for maximum effect. A look from her says it all.

Men and women really are from different planets. But as I watch her standing at the ironing board, pressing my smalls, I forgive her!