Why is it always Jesus’s face that people claim to see?

Mrs Canavan's dreams are made of this.

STEVE CANAVAN: Mrs C's flushed with pride at her new WC

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Rachel Evans was looking at pictures she had taken of her Yorkshire Terrier Dave when she noticed the son of God’s face looking back at her.

These things crop up from time to time – on a slice of toast, in a cauliflower, or a jar of Marmite. And now on a dog’s ear!

Why is it always Jesus everyone sees? Why not a regular from the Dog and Duck?

No-one ever says ‘hey look, here’s Bob’s face in my Yorkshire pudding’.

The dog’s owner was a bit ‘freaked out’ when she saw the face, saying she found it ‘spooky’.

Miss Evans works for the DVLA.

So is it any wonder then I’ve been waiting months for them to send me some documents?