Why is this happening to our proud club again?

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Just as we thought that at last some long-term stability was returning to Fratton Park, the club is plunged into yet another crisis. For fans, the news could hardly be more unwelcome, or more depressing.

Most supporters had expressed optimism – and some even unbridled joy – when Convers Sports Initiatives emerged earlier this year as the club’s new owners.

Vladimir Antonov and his partner Roman Dubov promised a slow careful build – no rash assurances from them of a huge kitty for new players or an immediate attempt to deliver the new ground that has been on and off the cards for so long.

Many supporters warmed to their softly, softly style after the spend, spend, spend days of the Sacha Gaydamak regime, which brought Premiership success and the FA Cup to Fratton Park, but ended with the club plunging into administration and almost going out of existence.

Now the administrators are back, taking over the affairs of Convers Sports Initiatives as Antonov – fighting attempts to extradite him to Lithuania amid allegations of a £200m fraud over a bank collapse – quits as chairman of Pompey.

It is almost too hard to imagine that it is all happening again – and almost too difficult to bear.

Why us? Why proud Pompey, with their rich history and fervent fans?

It’s not an easy question to answer and, we are sure, there will be a long way to go before the full position at Fratton Park right now is unravelled.

But, we are buoyed by a fighting statement from the club itself, which rightly points out that Portsmouth Football Club (2010) Limited continues to trade and assures the fans that funding is in place for the short-term at least.

We have to hope that a new investor will be encouraged by the undoubted potential at Pompey – and quickly. This Saturday’s home match against Coventry is a time for all true fans to show support and to demonstrate to potential investors the celebrated supporters’ passion that comes hand-in-hand with the club.

Play up Pompey!