Why not go the whole hog and put them up chimneys?

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So I hear the government could be planning to increase the school day from 9am until 6pm and cut school holidays to ‘just’ seven weeks.

David Cameron’s former policy chief Paul Kirby has apparently suggested that short working days and long holidays should become a thing of the past.

I’m against the idea, but not for teachers’ sake. It’s no surprise that they’re moaning – God forbid they have to work a full day!

I listened to the radio the other day and heard a teacher complaining that sometimes he never even made it home until 5.30pm. Really.

No doubt there’ll be strikes about working conditions. Last year teaching unions wanted a maximum of 20 hours’ actual teaching time so they could have a better work/life balance. What?

How about the man who drags himself out of bed at 5.30am in the morning, works himself to the bone on a building site and arrives home just as his children are going to bed?

I’ve worked in a classroom before, so I know it’s not easy. There was a wild Romanian kid who couldn’t speak a word of English and went around trying to bite everyone.

But then all jobs have their ups and downs and not every job has 13 weeks’ holiday a year!

What I don’t agree with amongst all this is the kids having to be in school for nine hours. What about family time?

Apparently the longer school day will help prepare children for the working day. Ridiculous! Kids need to be kids, they just want to play tag, vaporise ants with a magnifying glass and kick a tennis ball about.

And what a stupid idea it is to get children as young as five into work mode. Why not just go the whole hog and send them back up chimneys again?

If they did go to school until 6pm, what about after-school clubs, gymnastics, football practice etc?

They wouldn’t be back home until 8pm. Then there’s dinner, bath-time.

My girls would have to put themselves to bed at midnight after they’d finished their homework because I’m normally catching zeds by 10.30pm ready for an early start.