Why oh why did Kate think it was safe to go topless?

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You’d have had to have your head in the sand this week to not have heard the story about the Duchess of Cambridge going topless on holiday and the French version of Closer magazine printing the pictures.

It’s news that has gone around the world. Every national and international newspaper has discussed it, every magazine has tried to use the issue against Closer to nab some of its readers and every TV news network has had some kind of ‘expert’ on talking about the rights and wrongs of the matter.

It has led to debate over paparazzi pictures, the implications that publication of the images could have on our relationship with the French and the effect on our future King and Queen.

There have even been calls for the French editor of Closer to be imprisoned – seriously.

Now I do think it’s disgusting that a photographer secretly took snaps of Kate topless when she was in a private place. It’s equally disgusting for a magazine to think it’s okay to publish the pictures to attract readers.

Well they certainly attracted something – a lot of unwanted attention. I also think it’s pretty ridiculous that the French tried to defend the photos by pleading that being topless in their country is customary and ‘not a big deal’, thus they didn’t think there was any wrong-doing.

Oh yes, printing topless photos of Kate is absolutely fine so long as it’s ‘customary’. Perlease, how stupid do you think we are? It’s yet another reason for Brits to not like the French.

I’m delighted that Wills and Kate successfully got an injunction which prohibits further publication of the images.

But my question is this. Why oh why would Kate have felt she was safe to go topless when she is literally the most famous young woman on the planet?

I don’t think there is anything wrong at all in going topless.

But her complacency makes me question whether she actually realises what being married to the future King means and what a mammoth life-long job she has in front of her.

Like Will, I too have thought about Princess Diana this week. I just hope Kate doesn’t get hounded the way she was.